Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Lemon War

“1,2,3 Go” Cameron had started the lemon fight. My friends and I had been planning the lemon fight for a while now. I wonder what it’s like to be hit by a frozen lemon. I dived into the bush as silently as I could. They would probably never find me here. I stared at the bright green leaves that encased me. And smelled their cool freshness. I saw shadows as someone walked past (Probably Cameron) and a few dogs passed by too.
Cameron screamed like a girl as Alex pelted him with frozen lemons. Soon it was Alex screaming like a girl as Cameron threw frozen lemons at him. And soon they were both screaming like girls as the lemon juice ran into their eyes. I started to giggle at the sound of their screams (They were literally screaming like two girls). On the other hand I hadn't  been hit yet.
Alex had sandy blond hair, blue eyes. Oh! And he has a very short temper. However Cameron was a prankster (who pulled evil, gross and clever pranks) with brown hair and blue eyes.
I heard the soft rustling of leaves as Charlie poked her head into the bush. “No, Charlie go away.” I whispered Alex must’ve seen me shove Charlie’s nose out of the bush because right then I heard him yell “I’ve found her!” At that moment in time I had realized that my plan had been breached. As soon as they found me they became allies and started to pelt me with lemons. And with that I scurried off. As I was sprinting up the stairs to the upper garden, Cameron screamed, “Heads up!” and hurled a fist sized lemon at my head (probably expecting me to catch it). And guess what? It hit me right in the back of the head. I yelped as I fell onto my face, clutching my head. Thus Cameron had won the lemon war.
The lemon war started out as Cameron's idea, he thought of it when he was juggling lemons, he decided to include warfare into it because he is a hardcore gamer, and likes playing war games. The only rule there is to the lemon war is that you must have a war cry.
“You ok?” Alex and Cameron asked in unison.
“Yeah” I managed to groan (but it came out as a muffled word)
I did not notice Charlie trotting up the stairs, Charlie stood on my hair and started licking me. “Aargh!” I screamed and shoved her off. I got up brushed my clothes off and said, “Cmon lets go get lunch, I'm starving.” And so we went to lunch.
While we ate lunch, we talked about the wonders of schools, friends and many other things. We also decided on probably never ever having a lemon fight with frozen lemons ever again. But soon enough we had a game of hide and seek which resulted in me hiding in the sewing room, another bush, the hot water cupboard, on the tallest branch of the climbing tree and in my dog's bed.
But when I go back home to New Zealand we still do play hide and seek. Though we said we probably won’t have anymore lemon fights, we still do.

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